Fine Wool Combs
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Awesome / Full ThicknessAwesome / Full ThicknessGives a polished finish in the toughest fine wool
B-EVIL / Run-InB-EVIL / Run-In
Bad / Full ThicknessBad / Full ThicknessEasy entry in the toughest shearing sheep
Huge / Run-InHuge / Run-InGet extra high tallies in all fine wool types
NINJA / Run-InNINJA / Run-In
Rapier / Full ThicknessRapier / Full ThicknessEasy entry in damp, sticky wool
Rebel / Run-InRebel / Run-InStraight bottom rider w/ smooth bends to the top
Wicked / Full ThicknessWicked / Full ThicknessProven to provide high tallies
Xpress / Run-InXpress / Run-InUse in the toughest shearing fine wool sheep