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Heiniger Shearing Equipment is your professional clipper connection for quality shearing and clipping products in the USA.  Since 1984 Heiniger Shearing Equipment, Inc. has been the leading importer of quality Swiss-made Heiniger products for the USA.  Together with Clipper Connection, LLC, we are your source for quality shearing machines, large and small animal clippers, parts, and accessories.  Millions of sheep, cattle, camelids, horses, goats, dogs, and cats are shorn, clipped, and groomed daily with Heiniger products.   We have the knowledge and experience to help you and carry a complete line of parts.  We look forward to your business!


About Heiniger, Ltd.

 Since 1965, Heiniger’s animal shearing and clipping equipment has set the standard for quality, precision and reliability. Heiniger products are developed and manufactured in Herzogenbuchsee, in the heart of Switzerland. No matter which country you are in across the globe, or which animals you have – be it sheep, cattle, camelids, horses, goats or small animal pets – hundreds of thousands of animals are shorn, clipped and groomed with Heiniger “Made in Switzerland” products daily.

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