B - Evil BAT Bevel Comb - SKU 714-130



B-Evil (Run-In) comb
94.5 mm wide / Medium bevel
Versatile and efficient. Exceptional run-in entry with the latest LG2 technology.  Heiniger’s patented LG2 Technology reduces grease build-up on the back of the comb.  The shearing handpiece can thus penetrate the coat more easily,  provides superior entry and flow, and allows the comb to slide more smoothly over the skin of the animal.  B-Evil out performs all others in the widest variety of merino and crossbred sheep.  Combs with Heiniger’s unique Bevel Angle Technology have a larger radius on the scallop, allowing for improved entry straight from the box.
Price is for one comb. Also available in box of 5.

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Weight .25 lbs


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94.5 mm wide / Medium bevel